Noah Dale

Desolate? This was one a place where people lived….

Noah Dale dam was built by James King, the owner of Mytholm Mill, and Gamaliel Sutcliffe, owner of the Lumb Mills, probably in about 1806.
In 1825 Gamaliel Sutcliffe wrote a letter in which he says that some of the mills have used coal for steam but that this will soon come to an end because ‘Nodale’ dam was being enlarged at the cost of £200-300.
In 1935 there was a report that the dam had been leaking, and when inspected the following year it was stated that the dam was empty. The capacity of the dam was estimated to be 8-10 million gallons with a gathering ground of 300 acres.
The Noah Dale area was quite well populated at this time. Many of these people combined handloom weaving with farming. In 1830 it was proposed to have a Sunday school in ‘Nodale’ and about 67 children were expected to attend.

noah dale by phil openshaw
noah dale, a photo by phil openshaw on Flickr.